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‘Force Awakens’ TV Spot: “Have you felt it?”


The latest Star Wars The Force Awakens spot is full to bursting with new footage. What secrets are revealed by the voice-overs this time?

Remember that first teaser for Star Wars The Force Awakens that blew the roof off Youtube last year? With that big tease line from Andy Serkis about there being “an awakening”? That was pretty cool right? Since then we’ve found out that Serkis is playing Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo Ren’s master. Snoke hasn’t played a clear role in the trailers so far, and we haven’t even heard anything from since last year’s teaser. But now, Snoke is making a reappearance in the latest Force Awakens TV spot. Well, his voice does anyway. But is he hiding in the footage somewhere?

The news comes from Slashfilm that linked the trailer from JoBlo. But it’s not just any TV spot. It’s almost all fresh footage! First we get Snoke talking about the awakening only to get Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) saying he’s felt it too. Ren then gets told that he’s never faced anything like this…whatever it is. Then everything goes full throttle and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) is ordering an x-wing attack on the First Order. We also get a few more shots of Harrison Ford‘s Han Solo getting his hands dirty with Chewbacca.

A couple of highlights for this spot if you don’t have 60 seconds to watch it all. The scene we caught in the last trailer of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) screaming in pain at Kylo Ren has been slightly extended at 00:13 and sees Skywalker collapsing. Even better than that we see Daisy Ridley‘s Rey taking on Kylo Ren with nothing but a blaster against his cross-guard lightsaber (00:47). Things don’t seem to go too well thoguh since we then see him holding that very saber to her admittedly gun-less neck (00:52).

It’d be easy and dare I say it accepted if this spot was just a rechurning of shots we’d already seen – hey they’re all exciting shots. But the fact that we’ve seen something new supports this ongoing experience for the fans leading up to the big screen debut.

In case you didn’t know, Star Wars The Force Awakens is out December 18th. Watch this space for all the latest Star Wars movie news.

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