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Force Awakens Deleted Scenes Tease for Blu Ray Release


Ahead of the highly anticipated Episode VII DVD and Blu Ray release, we get a tease of some Force Awakens deleted scenes.

Despite not being a big winner at this year’s Oscars, Star Wars The Force Awakens got more than a few nominations. One such nomination was for Best Editing, which might suggest that Episode VII did a bang up job choosing how to string the film together. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to see a few deleted scenes from one the biggest film events of the decade – that’s right, the decade! So it’s a good thing that the blu-ray release of The Force Awakens is choc full of juicy scenes that didn’t make the cut. Not only that, we’ve got a trailer showing just a few of the Force Awakens deleted scenes:

This might just be a teaser, but it’s definitely enough to whet the old appetite. There’s two scenes in there that we’re really interested to see in full. The first is a pretty monumental moment that sees Kylo Ren of Ren-shire (not his real title) enter the millennium Falcon. Given the complex relationship between Ren and Han Solo, it’s gotta be an intense part of the film – even if it wasn’t kept in.

But that’s not the only scene we’re going mad about. How about bat owner Maz using a bit of the force to bring down a ceiling on some first order goons? Not too shabby. In the finished feature Maz definitely had a lot of Force knowledge, but this will be the first time we see her strut her stuff. Be warned however that this scene is only available in the digital download that comes with the Blu Ray.

It’s fair to assume that none of these Force Awakens deleted scenes will contribute to the plot, and that’s been more or less confirmed. But a scene doesn’t need to be plot-driven to get an audience excited.

Force Awakens will be available on DVD and Blu Ray April 5th, so don’t forget to head out and grab your copy.

Watch this space for all the latest Star Wars movie news.

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