Steve Jobs poster

New “Steve Jobs” Poster…Lower Your Brightness


For the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, Michael Fassbender strikes a quizzical pose on what looks like the front of the box your iPhone 6 came in.

Back in the day, the idea of two biopic’s about Steve Jobs seemed ridiculous. Today, there are three films planned at three different studios about Robin Hood. Things change.

Steve Jobs, the latest biopic, has already shown it’s strived to move away from jOBS, its predecessor. The teaser trailer promises subtlety, sharpness, and exposing reflection. Where jOBS was emotionally and factually messy, Steve Jobs wants to be all about control, and the murky waters that surround it. So what can the poster tell us?

Steve Jobs poster
Steve Jobs poster

You would have been forgiven for missing the poster entirely thanks to a less is more mentality that rivals the recent Ant Man promos. The mostly white poster tries to capture the minimalistic spirit of Apple’s packaging and advertising, and succeeds. We have the main cast names, writer and director and film title. Oh, and down in the corner is Michael Fassbender in full Jobs attire, throwing some musing tech-giant shapes.

If you can use a poster to predict the quality of a film – which you absolutely can’t – this poster is a good omen. The parody of Apple packaging suggests an honest, self-aware look at the founder’s work and character. Between that and Aaron Sorkin at the typewriter, there’ll be no time wasted on glorifying Jobs (see Social Network). The poster also does well to remind us of the acting talent in this film. Fassbender, Winslet and Daniels (who previously worked with Sorkin on The Newsroom) are huge gets.

Hopefully this poster is a promise we can take with us to the first screenings in October this year. Phrases like “Oscar potential” are being thrown around at this point. With Sorkin and Boyle attached that’s always a possibility, but it’s nowhere near a proper measurement of award success.

Watch this space for the Apple-iest, latest movie news.

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