‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel is on, new writers confirmed


Race writers Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse join the fight for earth in the Edge of Tomorrow sequel. But where will the story go next?

There are a lot of reasons to love Edge of Tomorrow. Despite flopping a bit at the domestic box office, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt‘s unique Sci fi picture made a killing on the international stage and got the appreciation it deserved. Whether it’s the emotionally demanding battle scenes, the slithers of humour propping up the drama or the complete makeover of the Groundhog Day engine, what’s not to like?

One of the best things about Edge was that it tied everything up and didn’t show any need for a sequel, which is getting particularly rare for big budget projects. In spite of that, the sequel mob eventually came to storm the windmill and suggestions were made that a sequel was in the works. Those rumours have now been confirmed and the Edge of Tomorrow sequel has a director and some new writers.

The news from Slash film is that Doug Liman will be returning for the Edge of Tomorrow sequel after making his mark with the first instalment. There were some rumblings that Liman would be replaced by Chris McQuarrie who’s done a lot of work with Cruise, particularly on Mission Impossible. However, McQuarrie made it clear in a Tweet that he wasn’t directing the Edge of Tomorrow sequel, but he would be involved:

Correction: I am NOT directing The sequel to Edge of Tomorrow. Doug Liman is. I will be involved but there’s no Edge without Doug.

— ChristopherMcQuarrie (@chrismcquarrie) April 8, 2016

So what about the writers? New writing staff have been brought on in the form of Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse. Shrapnel and Waterhouse, despite sounding like the law firm Mad Max’s attorney works for, are better known for writing Race, the Jesse Owens biopic. They’ve also done some previous work with McQuarrie on another project The Grey Man, which may be the connector.

The big question about an Edge of Tomorrow sequel is where will the new writers take the story? Cruise and Blunt are still attached to the project so presumably the plot will still revolve around the Alien-busting time-travelling duo.

There’s pretty much no limit to the directions they can take it given the two key elements are Time Travel and Aliens – two things that don’t need to be realistic to be good. We already know that the alien race trying to take over the earth have a lot of other bizarre elements to them including psychic links, so the next story will most likely pick up with them again as well. With any luck, Liman will be able to make a kickass sequel to a kickass film that didn’t really need a sequel.

The Edge of Tomorrow sequel doesn’t have a release date yet. Watch this space for all the latest Edge of Tomorrow sequel movie news.

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