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“Sinister Six” Could Still Happen Says Drew Goddard


The Cabin in the Woods screenwriter has plans for a standalone Sinister Six movie that could co-exist with Spiderman‘s Marvel mission.

There was a lot to be excited about when Spiderman made the move to Marvel. The relocation meant new blood, potential team ups, and maybe a half-successful movie. With all that on offer, we were happy to give up a few things. One such sacrifice was the Sinister Six movie. Back in the Sony days, the Sinister Six was a means to an end to expand the Spiderman universe beyond its unsuccessful scope. Though it’s not longer required, there may still be a chance the villain-fest could still come to light.

The news from Empire is that screenwriter Drew Goddard still has high hopes for the Sinister Six making a big screen appearance. Goddard’s most recent work has been on Ridley Scott‘s The Martian and the ever-gestating Robopocalypse from Spielberg. The scriptwriter was also at one point attached to put a script together that saw Spidey’s most firm fable foes teaming up and taking names. Despite Spiderman’s studio reshuffle, Goddard still thinks there’s a place for his story.

Here’s what Goddard said in an interview with io9: (link)

“My vision of that movie was a summer annual… So you didn’t have to worry about continuity. It was just, ‘We take Peter Parker, put him on an adventure, we put him back in his life.’ I intentionally wanted a movie that didn’t have to worry about mythology and continuity. It was important to me to make a movie that could stand on its own. So the good news is it slots in very well to any plan anybody ever wants. We just need to let a couple years go by, I think.”

This is a pretty bold statement to make. While everyone else is screaming “continuity” and “cohesion” Goddard is more than happy for his set piece to stand on its own merit. So, you know, just slot it in anywhere. This may suit Goddard but it may not work for Marvel. Never mind that it would work as a standalone they may already have their own plans for some if not all of the Sinister Six in their own canon.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein have already been enlisted to write a script for newly crowned Spiderman Tom Holland. Their plans could be anything, and one thing about Marvel is they’re not a fan of wild cards they’re not holding. But according to Goddard, he loves the new direction Spidey is swinging:

“I love that you get to see Spider-Man in Marvel movies. I think that’s a great thing. I’m on board with that decision because as a fan that’s what I want. So who knows what the future holds? This is Hollywood, man, you’ve gotta play the long game.”

Watch this space for all of the latest movie news for Spiderman.

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  1. Oh man I hope so. Drew Goddard has a great vision for this genre and hopefully he could be the one to do something with this franchise.

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