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Doctor Strange Trailer: Marvel does Inception


Tilda Swinton opens up Benedict Cumberbatch’s and bends it out of all recognition in the first Doctor Strange trailer. Read more after the jump.

It’s been a good month for Disney in the trailer department. First we had the official teaser for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which is still being raved about across the internet. Now they’ve followed it up with our first look at Marvel’s sorcerer supreme in the new Doctor Strange trailer.

There’s been a good bit of build up to the release of this trailer. When production for Doctor Strange to the UK there was no end of unofficial photos from the set revealing several characters in all their magical glory. So there was a quick response from Marvel and Disney with a high-res profile shot of Benedict Cumberbatch in full Strange garb. There was also a lot of talk that a Doctor Strange trailer wouldn’t be far behind, and sure enough here we are with a trailer in our laps.

As far as Marvel trailers go, there’s usually a lot of plot set-up with some action pans and a quick look at a larger set piece for good measure. The Doctor Strange trailer plays things pretty  cool and goes in completely the other direction. Since this is yet another origins tale we do get a look at Stephen Strange’s road from gifted surgeon to lost soul. But even this crucial part of the lore doesn’t get shoved in our faces. What we do get is an enticing voice-over from Tilda Swinton as Strange’s teacher The Ancient One, that raises the tricky subject of the reality and the multiverse. Aside from that, not a lot is really said and that definitely works in the trailer’s favour. Also, did you notice? Not a quip in sight.

Along with some open ended tone poems, we also get a buttload of mind-bending magic to gawk at. There was a quote early on that Doctor Strange was going to be the Fanatasia of the Marvel Universe, and they weren’t kidding round. It definitely looks like Doctor Strange will pick up where Ant-Man modestly left off, exploring different dimensions in a visually awesome way. There’s also the Inception-style shot that everyone’s talking about. While it does look impeccably Nolan-esque, there seems to be a lot more going on in the shot that plays into Swinton’s multiple realities tagline.

Doctor Strange first official poster
Doctor Strange first official poster

Speaking of Swinton, we get a good look at her as the bald-headed Ancient One, and as always she’s suitably mysterious and otherworldly-looking. We also get a crack at Mads Mikkelson as an unnamed rogue sorcerer, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo. Mordo is known to be a crucial villain for Doctor Strange, but his role in this film will apparently be a little more complex. While we don’t get much of a look at Ejiofor he looks suitably formidable. As for Mikkelson he definitely looks like an evil wizard, but then doesn’t he always?

Even though it was safe to assume Doctor Strange would be American since the original comic book character was, it never really dawned on us that Cumberbatch would be putting on an accent for the occasion. Not that we would have ever doubted that the slender-headed acting machine would have any trouble with donning an American twang. From the small pieces of dialogue we do hear in the Doctor Strange trailer, he sounds almost exactly like Hugh Laurie doing an American accent. In fact if we didn’t know Cumberbatch was playing Strange and we heard the trailer, we’d probably assume it was Laurie. On an interesting side note, how cool would it be to see Hugh Laurie play Doctor Strange? Think about it.

With 7 months to go until the release, there’s no doubt we’re going to see at least two more Doctor Strange trailers. Hopefully they resist temptation and keep as much mystery around the story as possible.

Doctor Strange will hit theaters November 4th 2016. Watch this space for all the latest Doctor Strange movie news.



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