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New Doctor Strange Photo: Let’s get Mystical


The new shot reveals Benedict Cumberbatch in full sorcerer’s garb as Doctor Strange in the second instalment of Marvel’s Third Phase.

Doctor Strange has been in production for a while now, but it’s become something of a lightening rod since filming moved to New York. When we got word a few days ago that Benedict Cumberbatch had wandered into a comic book store in full Doctor Strange garb, we knew things were going to get interesting. And so they have, because amongst all the set photos now we have a new official look at the sorcerer supreme himself. Take a look, courtesy of Slashfilm:

doctor strange photo
Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and the most powerful goatee in the Marvel universe.

So let’s dive in. From the looks of it Marvel has managed to say entirely faithful to Doctor Strange’s original look. Granted this is the first time we’ve seen the character fleshed out in three dimensions so it’s a little more intricate than the classic red cape, blue tunic and sash. Speaking of the cape, not bad right? Given that it’s a mystical tool of levitation it certainly looks the part, and hopefully we’ll see Cumberbatch use it’s power to full effect in the movie. There’s always the risk with super-faithful comic book costumes that it ends up looking like a wealthy nerd’s Halloween costume. However, it looks like they’ve put just enough of a twist on the outfit to make Cumberbatch look the part as the master of mysticism.

For most of the Marvel movies so far the costumes have taken on signficant transformations from their source material in order to make the technology and practicality half-believable. Doctor Strange gets to follow in the footsteps of the Thor movies and make their hero look like he’s been lifted straight out of the comics.

Aside from the costume, Cumerbatch’s Doctor Strange should be a big winner for fans of the original character. From the greying sideburns to the mysterious finger-guns, nothing has been left to chance on this one. But Doctor Strange is going to have to offer more than a striking resemblance to get the MCU back to a good place. Phase 2 didn’t see the same kind of shock and awe as its predecessor, so there’s a lot of pressure on Captain America: Civil War, and Doctor Strange to get this new phase off to a solid start. We’re rooting for you Strange!

Doctor Strange teleports into theatres on November 4th, 2016. Watch this space for all the Doctor Strange movie news.

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