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Disney Plans a “Mary Poppins” Sequel


Everyone’s favourite nanny (probably) is set to return and reunite with the Banks family in a new Poppins feature.

It’s been clear for a while that Disney is taking a break from animation to expand its love action catalogue. How are they expanding it? By rebooting their animated classics of course. Cinderella has already made mild but consistent waves, while Tim Burton lumbers up for his take on the story of Dumbo. The Disney Expo also saw a sneak peak of the upcoming Pete’s Dragon remake. So what’s left? How about Mary Poppins?

Empire is reporting the news that Disney is working alongside the estate of P.L. Travers to bring the melodic nanny back to the big screen. Despite the trouble Disney had adapting the story back in 1964, the original was a momentous success. But does Mary have more stories to tell? It would seem so. Travers’ canon of Mary Poppins books ran from 1934 all the way to the late eighties. The first film focused on the first book, so there’s a lot of source material to work with. Allegedly, this latest venture will see Poppins in a depression-era London, returning to the home of the Banks family.

The job of directing goes to Rob Marshall, who previously struck gold with Disney for his work directing Into the Woods. So we know he has experience with musical comedy. Speaking of, who’s writing the songs? Richard Sherman, one of the original co-songwriters on Poppins is returning to consult, while Marc Shaiman and Scott Whittman take the bulk of the song work. All that’s left is to find someone to write the script. That and, you know, actually writing the songs and the script.

Disney has a busy schedule at the moment with all its love action reboots, so it’s not likely we’ll be seeing a new Poppins for a few years. The more important point is that I’ve written this entire post without a single Mary Poppins pun.

Watch the space for all the supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus-iest, latest movie news.

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