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Could there be a ‘DCEU Reboot’? If so, here’s how


Batman v Superman criticism has left the DC Cinematic Universe on unstable footing. But what if a DCEU reboot was a get-out-of-bad-press-free card and still look awesome? Read more after the jump.

Full disclosure before we start. I’m a fan of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I watched it 3 times. Yes, part of me did recognise it had a lot of flaws, but another part of me was just happy it was made at all. I appreciated the film’s tough job as a springboard for several different stories and projects, and its achievement as being more or less a love letter to die hard DC fans. So it makes sense that over here we’re all looking forward to the R-Rated Extended Cut of the movie, which Screenrant is reporting could include an additional 30 minutes of footage. Whether this makes the movie more indulgent, more consistent or more transparent is yet to be seen.

That being said, for a lot of people the wounds are still fresh and the critic beat-downs are still being rebounded across the internet with no sign of easing off. This raises an interesting question: if the release of this cut doesn’t curry any favour with the Batman v Superman anti-fans, what is DC’s next move?

They couldn’t…they wouldn’t…you don’t suppose…they could do a DCEU reboot and restart the whole thing?

The first roadblock to that kind of wild thinking is how much thought, time and money has gone into this cinematic universe already. As far as the DCEU goes, WB and DC have a whole schedule set up with stories in mind that follow on from Batman v Superman and Man of Steel and run through the whole franchise. A lot of work has already been put into making this universe a)function b)keep up with Marvel and c)make people forget about Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern. They couldn’t just throw it all away and start again could they? The sheer number of people involved in making the machine run is mind-boggling.

On the other hand, how much has really been done already? Two movies out of the way, a few more in production including Justice League Part One and some signed contracts for future cast and crew. The majority of the work is yet to be done. These future projects could be potentially shelved for a new incarnation of the DCEU. Sure, we’ve seen most of the Justice League already in Batman v Superman, but their solo projects don’t exist yet. They’re just ready and waiting.

This is all stupendously unrealistic and in our opinion unnecessary, but why don’t we follow this crazy train all the way to the end of the line?

If they did decide to throw caution and batarangs to the wind and start again, how would they do it? Glad you asked. There are a few scenarios, each more diabolical than the last.

DCEU Reboot One: Scrap everything. DC and WB issue a statement that sometimes ideas just don’t pan out and that they’re starting all over again. They’ve got the money, they’ve got the fans, why not? Cut ties with every actor or director who has worked in the DCEU so far, send everyone who is working on current DCEU projects home and revoke all future contracts. Just a few million dollars here and there to pull of that particular band-aid. Then all that’s left to do is call everyone together, order some Cajun food, absinthe and bunt cake, and map out a whole new DC Extended Universe.

DCEU Reboot Two: Just scrap what’s already happened. A statement is issued to the press and the greater film-loving community. It’s one line: Cavill’s Superman and Affleck’s Batman don’t exist. Their stories don’t exist. Nothing survives, not even Kevin Costner. Sincerely, DC and WB. After that they just need to fill in the blanks they’ve made. To do that they either just push all the other projects back and slip in some new Batman and Superman films beforehand OR film them on the side and slip them in later on in the schedule. Because in this a hypothetical reality, it’s just that simple. But the third and final scenario is my favourite.

DCEU Reboot Three: Don’t scrap anything. This is where it gets good. What if Man of Steel and Batman v Superman (and Suicide Squad, depending how it does) exist in one DCEU and the rest of the movies – yes you guessed it – exist in an alternate DCEU! That’s right, they pull a JJ Abrams Star Trek or a Days of Future Past to wipe the slate clean, keep the previous adored mess and make it all look super-deliberate. The alternate earth/multiverse is a significant plot device in both the DC and Marvel comics and drives a number of well-known story-lines and graphic novels. Not only that, it’s already seeping into the on-screen universe. Batman v Superman‘s Knightmare saw what looked like Bruce Wayne’s dystopian fever dream but was in fact a glimpse into an alternate reality. It’s also been introduced into the Flash TV show as a major plot device. So why not bring it into the DCEU on a massive scale and capitalise on the multiverse?

Don’t worry, for the most part we know these are completely ridiculous ideas. It would take a series of real box office flops and audience outcry for a DCEU reboot to ever really be on the cards. Having said that, we really like the idea of bringing in the multiverse on a franchise-wide scale.  And if it gives a convenient excuse for a direction change, then all the sweeter. That being said, we really don’t feel like the DCEU needs to change right now, especially to the lengths of a DCEU reboot. The franchise is still finding its feet and its very likely that the DCEU in five years time will look completely different to what we have now. Multiverses, though.

Watch this space for all the latest DCEU movie news.

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