The Crow Reboot To Start Shooting January 2017

The Crow Reboot to Start Shooting January 2017


The reboot of 80’s classic The Crow may finally see the light of day with Jason Mamoa starring. Read more after the jump.

The long-gestating Crow reboot is kind of a running joke. Production has hit countless roadblocks, setbacks and dropouts. Actors, directors and crew of all sorts have joined and left in its long lifetime. So it’s easy to dismiss news about the reboot as another pitfall waiting to happen. That being said, there’s no harm in being optimistic. The project is the closest to being made that it’s ever being. They’re so close in fact, they’ve even set a release date.

The Wrap is reporting that the Crow reboot is scheduled to begin shooting in January next year. Multiple sources involved with the Relativity-run project have confirmed to the site that 2017 will be the year of The Crow. This is definitely good news for anyone hoping to catch the Crow reboot sooner rather than later. However there still hasn’t been any official word about the progress off the project. This could be because Relativity is more cautious about fanfares. After so many setbacks that would certainly make a lot of sense. Hopefully the unofficial news will still be enough to make even the most dubious Crow fan optimistic.

So what about talent?

The latest director attached to the project is Corin Hardy. Hardy directed The Hallow in 2015 along with a number of music videos. Some more recent news was that Jason Mamoa was in talks to join the project. Mamoa also posted an Instagram with Hardy using the hashtag #sealthedeal. The Aquaman actor will finish up his work on Justice League this year and move onto The Crow in the new year. He’ll even be out in time to get back to DC for the Aquaman standalone in 2018.

Jason Mamoa would definitely be a different take on the character of the rockstar back from the grave. It’s unclear whether the actor will hold onto his signature muscles for the role. A muscular Crow would be a weird choice, but a skeletal Mamoa would definitely be worth the ticket price.

The Crow reboot doesn’t have an official title or release date. There’s also no news of any other actors joining the cast. But hey, baby steps.

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