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Civil War Final Footage – More Spider-Man and Viral Videos


With only a few days left before Civil War hits theatres, we get a better look at Spider-Man in action and a viral video about the real cost of superheroes. Read more after the jump.

It’s Captain America: Civil War week, and you know what that means. It means a whole lot of pre-booked tickets, a whole lot of eye rolls from people with deep set Marvel-fatigue, and a whole lot of post-credits scene fan theories. But what would be the point in any of that if it weren’t for the last ditch attempt by Marvel to throw as much last-minute footage our way as possible? No point, no point at all. Not only do we have a TVĀ spot showing a little more Spider-Man footage, we also have a talking head-style Civil War viral video to cap it all off! Let’s check them out.

Pay no attention to the sultry baritone of the European voice-over. What you’ll really want to keep an eye out for is the five seconds of new Spider-Man footage. In this spot we see him square off against the Winter Solider, only to geek out about Bucky Barnes’ super-cool metal arm. This is just the combo of ass-kicking and punch-lining that Marvel fans will be expecting from the web-slinger in his Civil War cameo. We’re still not sure how long Spider-Man will spend appearing in Civil War. Previous trailers suggest he’ll be there at least for the big 15 minute fight sceneĀ and this spot definitely supports that.

Now let’s have a look at the viral video, that sees members of the public being interviewed about whether they think The Avengers are worth the damage they cause.

This is a tactic that we haven’t seen Marvel use in its promos before. Normally the trailers are straight forward movie footage, so it’s nice to see them switch things up with an in-world news report. It’s just a shame that we’ve had to wait until now to see it. However, it’s most likely a response to DC’s success with their Turkish Airline spots for Batman v Superman. With any luck we’ll be seeing a lot more of this kind of video in the run up to future Marvel projects.

Captain America: Civil War hits theatres April 27th. Watch this space for all the latest Civil War movie news.

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