Captain America: Civil War gag reel

Watch Captain America: Civil War Gag Reel


Watch Cap, Black Widow and the rest of the Marvel gang crack up in the Captain America: Civil War gag reel.

Who doesn’t love a good gag reel? No one that’s who. Having a look behind the scenes, watching larger-than life characters collapse into fits of pants-wetting gigles. Yup, there’s nothing better. Marvel’s The Avengers made a strong showing after its release with its own hilarious gag reel. Highlights included Thor failing to catch his hammer in slow motion and Cobie Smulders‘ Mariah Hill screaming manically to avenge Agent Coleson. It goes without saying that we were excited to hear that Captain America: Civil War has its own gag reel for our viewing pleasure. Check it out above, courtesy of

It isn’t the longest blooper reel in the world at a brief 71 seconds. There are already some instant classics and favourites in the mix. Our top scenes include Scarlett Johansson failing to get her batons out along with Robert Downey Jr’s request that everyone tense up. Martin Freeman even gets in there with a funny swear as
Everett Ross. There’s also a decent amountĀ of footage revealing the amount of green screen and motion capture used in the movie. Not a bad bit of viewing if you fancy a chuckle.

The blooper real is being used as a promotion for the home release of Civil War. It’s not clear whether there will be any additional bloopers on the movie’s home release. Hopefully we’ll get a lot more as well as some other juicy extras with the release.

Captain America: Civil War will get a digital home release on September 2nd 2016, as well as a Blu Ray release on September 13th. Don’t forget to get your hands on a copy folks!

Watch this space for all the latest Civil War movie news.

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