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Cinefile 2015: A Year of Fantastic Film


Everything from Paper Towns to Star Wars is covered in Cinefile 2015, a dedication to the entire spectrum of movies from the last year.

With 2016 and Oscar season quickly approaching, we’re all looking ahead to what the next year of films has to offer. But with the ghost of movies future hard at work, we can’t forget about the ghost of movies past. We’ve had a cracking year of features over the last 12 months, with summer audiences continuing to rise on top of 2014. But what films do I choose? How could I possibly select from all of the films this year to remember lovingly? Don’t worry about that, a retrospective video has been provided.

The video, courtesy of Youtube, has been put together by Miguel Branco. Branco has been making Cinefile videos for the last 3 years. The 8 minute Cinefile covers more than 200 films from 2015. Some of the highlights include The Walk, Creed, Everest, Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World and Straight Outta Compton. But it’s not all big blockbusters and indie favourites. Cinefile 2015 also speaks up for some of the more unsuccessful among them, even a bomb or two. Keep an eye out for Fantastic 4 and Jupiter Ascending.

Here’s what Branco had to say about Cinefile 2015:

“What a wonderful year it’s been. Calling 2015 a successful year in motion pictures would be an incredibly vast understatement. To a large degree, our theater experiences were raised to towering new heights, our heartstrings were pulled, and our emotions were manipulated in the most beautiful ways possible. If that’s not pure cinema, I don’t know what is.”

There’s no lack of Oscar promise in this video, but there’s a lot more to it than that. How many of these films have you seen, and will yu complete Cinefile 2015 by the end of the year?

Watch this space for all the latest movie news.

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