Chris Hemsworth to return to Star Trek franchise

Chris Hemsworth to Return to Star Trek Franchise


After appearing in the opening scene of the first movie in the rebooted franchise, Chris Hemsworth will return in the fourth instalment as George Kirk, Jim Kirk’s father.

To fun to go back and see the bit parts Chris Hemsworth played before he exploded. Some of them, like Red Dawn and Cabin in the Woods, were after he exploded but got caught in schedule shuffles. Hemsworth’s part in Star Trek is on such example. He played the role of James Kirk’s father George Kirk for 9 minutes before heroically crashing to his death. The reboot went on to be a very successful franchise, with Hemsworth leaving a great party early. But there may be another chance to see Thor strut his stuff in the Star Trek universe.

The news from The Wrap is that Chris Hemsworth will be making his return to the rebooted Star Trek franchise. The Marvel heavy hitter will return to his role as George Kirk, Star fleet captain and father of Jim Kirk, played by Chris Pine. With the release of Star Trek Beyond, ┬áthe third in the franchise, a fourth movie hadn’t been officially confirmed. That’s all changed this week. Fans got a double whammy of news with the reveal that Hemsworth would have a role in the new film.

Before Chris Pine fans start freaking out, this movie won’t predate James Kirk.

Instead, Hemsworth and Pine will appear side by side in the movie as father and son. This raises a lot of questions about how the movie will work. For one, a lot has been made out of young Kirk never having a relationship with Papa Kirk. You know, what with Jim being born just about the time when George dies. But that’s hardly the kind of thing to stop the crew of the Enterprise. The franchise is no stranger to time travel, so we could see Hemsworth and Pine teaming up out of time as father and son. Alternatively, they could bring George back from the dead in old age. It would take a lot of makeup to get Hemsworth into his 80’s, but it would be a delight to see him try and not be super hot for once.

Details on this news is sketchy at best, but we’ll keep you updated.

Chris Hemsworth will be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok next year before taking another trip on the USS Enterprise. The fourth Star Trek movie doesn’t have a scheduled release date. Star Trek Beyond is currently out in theatres. Watch this space for all the latest Star Trek movie news.

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