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Alternate Alien Title Treatment is Giger-riffic!

The Alien title treatment that could have been was designed by Michael Doret and is a terrifying tribute to H.R Giger’s Alien designs. Read more after the jump.

What’s the most iconic movie title treatment? The big red font of Jaws? The S morphing into a T of Star Wars? The one-word-per-line of Dr Strangelove? Here’s a hint – none of these! It’s the original Alien title.

Alternate Alien Title Treatment is Giger-rific!

Ok maybe I’m  being a little harsh – the rest are pretty good too. But you have to admit the Alien title treatment is pretty damn good. Those 5 tiny white letters space out above a sinister looking egg. Each letter alone out in space, just like the crew of the Nostromo. Chills guys… literal chills. But this wasn’t always the plan., At one point there was a very different sort of title in mind. One that was a lot less subtle!

Slashfilm is reporting  on an alternate title treatment for Alien, originally reported by Births.Movies.Death.  You only have to look at it once to see the huge influence of mad-art-scientist H.R Giger on the artwork. Giger played a big part in designing the titular xenomorph and loads of other creepy elements of the Alien saga. Check out the title below:

Alternate Alien Title Treatment

You’re probably wondering where this treatment has been hiding all this time.

Well I’ll tell you. According to We Are The Mutants it was originally designed by Michael Doret, a New York-born illustrator and graphic designer. You may not know his name but he’s been around for a long old time. Doret started working in the 70’s. His work ranged from Time magazine covers to KISS album covers (“Rock and Roll Over“). But what about his title treatment work? His notable title work includes Zardoz (1974) and Wolfen (1981). They may not be the biggest movies of all time but their titles were heavily influential in future projects. But Doret’s work isn’t limited to the 20th century. He recently worked on the title treatment for Wreck-It Ralph.

Doret has this to say about his alternative Alien title treatment:

The title treatment I designed for Ridley Scott’s Alien never made it into the public arena. It had some small promotional uses before it was run over by the Bill Gold Advertising machine and relegated to the back burner. At any rate, this was great fun to have worked on—the more so since I was able to work on it with my friend (the now famous “pop-surrealist”) Todd Schorr. I designed and drew the forms based on the “bio-mechanical” forms I saw in some publicity stills from the production, and Todd painted the absolutely gorgeous finished art.

Doret’s Alien title treatment certainly tells a different story to the title they wound up using. It screams classic sci-fi. It’s bold, sinister and brutal. With the official title you’re not sure why you’re anxious about it. With Doret’s title you know exactly why you’re anxious. Because it’s creepy as hell! It’s hard to say whether that’s a good thing or not. Still, it’s definitely worth getting this design on a t-shirt or something.

Watch this space for all the latest movie news.

Honest Posters for 2016 Oscar Hopefuls

Mad Max, Ex Machina and The Revenant are just some of the award-hungry titles taken to task with these honest posters.

It’s very easy to get serious and snobbish about films this time of year. With the run-up to the Academy Awards in February, the critic in us all can get untethered and run loose all over the place. So it’s never a bad idea to have a sense of humur about it and not to take things to seriously. But how do we do that when all the films are so darn serious? Fortunately, we have Honest Posters to take care of it.

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Craig’s Bond Tuxes Up in New “Spectre” Poster

Daniel Craig promotes Spectre with an old school 007 look that would put Roger Moore himself to shame.

With only 8 weeks left until it’s release, the Spectre promo train keeps on rolling. This is normally a time reserved for TV spots and magazine spreads – nothing really worth reporting on. But the Spectre team has thrown a curve ball with a blast from the past in its new promo poster. Continue reading Craig’s Bond Tuxes Up in New “Spectre” Poster

All Hail Fassbender in New “Macbeth” Stills

Man, is anyone else sick of seeing Michael Fassbender this week? The Xmen: Apocalypse star’s been on promo overload this week.

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New “Steve Jobs” Poster…Lower Your Brightness

For the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, Michael Fassbender strikes a quizzical pose on what looks like the front of the box your iPhone 6 came in.

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Check Out the 11 Best Bits of Disney Magic at the D23 Expo

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Pixar Posters Galore! “Incredibles 2”, “Good Dinosaur” and More From D23 Expo

“You think Marvel Studios is the king of posters!? We’re Pixar, dammit – our sequels are made from the bones of Gods and written in the blood of titans!”

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New Images from Disney’s “Zootropolis”

Let’s not beat around the bush – Disney is going to be hard pressed to top Big Hero 6. I realise that’s a very temperamental, caught-up-in-the-moment opinion that abandons all scope of modern Hollywood, but it’s gonna be tricky. It would be easy to buffer Big Hero 6 and their next film of equal quality with a steaming pile of animation, but it looks like they’re going all out with their next project Zootropolis. Formerly Zootopia, the project is the first example of a fully anthropomorphised animated film – all walking talking animals, not a human in sight – in which the animals are living it up in a developed world. After some bits and pieces of artwork, Empire News reports we’ve now got a solid look at the two main characters. Check them out below:


So the chap on the left is Nick Wilde, a crafty con artist fox voiced by Jason Bateman. Next to him is Judy, a plucky ambitious do-gooding rabbit voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin. It’s not tricky to see how these two characters are going to get tousled up in one another’s business, but it’ll be interesting to see the eventual team up.

On Nick Wilde, Bateman said “He’s a crafty, sarcastic schemer, and that I’ve been doing in parts since I was 12,” Bateman tells the paper about his character. “I foolishly said, ‘What kind of voice do you guys want me to do?’ And they just looked at me like I was an idiot and said, ‘Just do what you do. Just talk.’”

Goodwin is quick to defend her own character’s naivite: “People have said that to her all her life. She’s a little sensitive about that. She gets hoppity emotionally,” Goodwin says. “People mistake kindness for naiveté or stupidity, and she is a good girl through and through. But she’s not a dumb bunny.”

Zootropolis is co-directed by Tangled helmer Byron Howard and Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore, and will be out in theatres March next year. Looking forward to see what other characters rear their adorable heads.

First Chilling Look at Jared Leto’s Joker For “Suicide Squad”

Put down everything you’re doing, you’re not gonna wanna miss this one. There’s been a whole lot of back and forth recently about the nature of Jared Leto and what his decision of ultimate villain The Joker will be like in the upcoming DC universe building block Suicide Squad. As much as David Ayer‘s superhero flick is more than capable of keeping interest afloat until it’s release, a solid percentage of discussion has been focused on Jared Leto. Well, all that speculation can end, since director Ayer has been enough to provide us with a straight up, no nonsense still of Leto in full Joker attire. Or no attire, as the case may be.

Screenrant and everyone else on the planet has reported today that the image was made available via Ayer’s Twitter account, stating that it was in honour of Mr J’s anniversary. The result is by no means understated. Have a look at the shot below:


In case your computer won’t let you see it, we’ve got a short-haired metal-toothed shirtless tattoo-laden Joker on our hands. I won’t sugar-coat it, it’s a bold-ass move. There have been comments that the tattoos are a little tongue in cheek, using grins and hahas all over the place, not to mention a J on the cheek and “damaged” scrawled across his forehead. As on the nose as they may be, they certainly suit the look and make a stronger case for the Prince of Crime having a long prosperous career in Gotham’s criminal underbelly. Could those metal teeth be the result of savage beatings or self mutilation. There is of course one purple glove to hark back to the Clown’s classic era three piece suit. Is this a look that exists in this universe or is it just a farewell to old ways. Oh wait, is that a latex glove?

We’ve had a few nibbles in the joker pond leading up to this. After the cast photo for Suicide Squad was released sans Jared Leto, we got a greenhaired shot with a camera in homage to Alan Moore‘s joker tale Killing Joke (this latest picture pose certainly makes winks know that direction), as well as a shot with crude lipstick. But there isn’t a trace of red lips in this final version, making for a grittier, balls to the wall Joker. And after seeing Ben Affleck‘s tale on Batman in the Batman v Superman trailer, it certainly looks as though the two could have some perfectly wonderful adventures together.

This is of course the only shot of a cast member in full costume we’ve seen so far. Are the other criminals going to be more modestly dressed since they’ll be carrying out covert government work? Or will Margot Robbie be sporting a similar mad look as Harley Quinn? We can’t be sure yet, but it’s sage to say that Jared Leto will be bringing plenty of madness to the table. But will the Squad be able to keep up?

We’ve got a long way to go before the Suicide Squad is unleashed on cinemas, and a lot of reveals between here and there. Let’s just hope DC hasn’t blown their load too soon.