'Birth of the Dragon' Trailer: the rise of Bruce Lee

‘Birth of the Dragon’ Trailer: the rise of Bruce Lee


The life of Bruce Lee is retold and gloriously embellished in the Birth of the Dragon trailer. Read more after the jump.

Bruce Lee is an enigma. That’s just the way it is. A larger than life character with unparalleled fame who died shockingly young. It’s the kind of life that breeds mystery, rumours and ridiculous claims that he lives balanced on a solitary buoy in the Pacific Ocean. He’s not by the way, we checked for this article. It’s also the kind of life that simply demands a biopic. So far there hasn’t been a film of note that really does justice to Lee’s life, real or otherwise. That could be about to change with the release of Birth of the Dragon.

Check out the trailer above.

Screenrant is reporting that Birth of the Dragon will focus on one key moment of speculation in the famous martial artist’s life. Lee allegedly defeated “traditional” kung-fu master Wong Jack Man in a private brawl to settle a dispute over Lee’s teaching in San Francisco. Whether Lee won or the fight actually took place still remains a mystery. However that’s not gonna stop people making a film about it. The story will be told from the persepctive of one of Lee’s students, based on his real-life student Steve McQueen.

Birth of the Dragon makes no bones about leaning into the rumour of Lee’s life and the mystery surrounding this private fight.

Wong Jack Man has been recast as a fully fledged Shaolin Monk instead of an instructor. The McQueen-esque student will also play a role in setting up the fight in the movie.

The movie is a U.S./China co-production with a U.S  production, Chinese investment (Kylin Pictures) and an international release. Here’s what director George Nolfi of Adjustment Bureau fame had to say about the venture.

“So I’m watching this and thinking that if, in the next 10 years of our business, there are Chinese companies willing to support movies like this, made in the Hollywood format and style, with a Hollywood director given creative controls, that’s very good for our business. You enter with a certain degree of cautious optimism but the result has been everything I’d hoped for. When you do business with a foreign company, with a different language, you have learn their customs. But they let me make exactly the movie I wanted to, with zero interference. If this is the future of movies for the next five, 10 years than you can just say unequivocally that this is a godsend to Hollywood because it’s very hard for studios to make movies that aren’t sequels or branded material now.”

Nolfi sounds more than jazzed about a U.S/China team up in the name of a good movie. Let’s hope the movie lives up to it, if not to Lee’s memory. Because there is no chance his ghost wouldn’t take issue with a mundane retelling of his life.

Birth of the Dragon doesn’t have an official U.S release date. Watch this space for all the latest Birth of the Dragon movie news.

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