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BFG Trailer: Welcome to Giant Country


Mark Rylance makes his grand reveal as the big friendly giant in the first full length BFG trailer.

Stephen Spielberg has been on top form this decade – not bad considering it’s his sixth decade in the business. His recent work in historical biopics has been very well received, with Lincoln and Bridge of Spies both getting Oscar nods and the former winning a fair few. So when we found out Spielberg was trading history books for children’s books with Roald Dahl‘s The BFG, how could we not be excited? There’s been very little promotion material so far besides a poster and a modest teaser, most likely for fear of letting people peak behind an awfully big CGI curtain. But now the first BFG trailer is out and we finally get a good look at the Big Friendly Giant himself.

For anyone who’s read the book or seen the original animated adaptation, it looks like you’ll be right at home with Spielberg’s take on the story. Once again we see Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) stolen away from the orphanage by a giant (Mark Rylance) who’s as big as he is friendly. From the looks of things this version will be set in the modern day, but hopefully that won’t take away from the original quaint tale.

The big reveal of the trailer was of course Rylance as the BFG. We only get a couple of good looks at the actor’s graphically-grafted giant complexion, but he looks like a dead ringer for Quentin Blake‘s original illustrations. Rylance has already done stunning work with Spielberg in Bridge of Spies, so it’ll be a treat to see him take this million-miles-away role to task.

What we also get to see is the rest of the giant horde, which consists exclusively of monstrous brutes with ridiculous names e.g. Bloodbottler. They’re a big part of what the original story and the animation so striking, so with any luck they’ll be just as gorgeously hideous as they seem.

The BFG will be in theatres July 1st 2016. Watch this space for all the latest BFG movie news.


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