Beyond the Myth: International Trailer for “Mr Holmes”


We aren’t currently in a cultural situation where we’re short of Sherlock Holmes depictions. Whether you’re an elementary buff or a Cumberbatch fan, or of you’re holding out for a third dose of Downey Jr., you don’t need to look far for a take on the world’s greatest detective. Having said that, I am still chomping at the bit to get a look at Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming Mr Holmes, directed by Bill Condon. The film, based on the novel A Slight Trick of the Mind by Mitch Cullin, will take a more biographical look at the detective, now retired and struggling to recall a case from his past.

We’ve had a few looks at the man himself, but now we finally have a full international trailer. So check it out, courtesy of Screenrant:

Well it’s certainly not going to be like any of its Holmesian contemporaries. Instead of focusing on a mystery, or drizzling drama and action with antisocial wit, Mr Holmes looks to take a slower, more sensitive look at a man, his mind and the strained relationship between them.

Mr Holmes will be out in UK theatres in June 19th and in the US on July 17th. If you were hoping for more excitement, don’t sell this movie short. It’s looks like it could certainly be a keeper, and at the very least the perfect combination of actor and subject. Just to be clear, I’m not endorsed by Mr Holmes or Ian McKellen.

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