Benicio del Toro Eyed for “Star Wars Episode VIII” Villain


Benicio del Toro has made something of a brilliant career playing morally dubious characters, stretching all the way from Dr Gonzo in Terry Gilliam‘s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to his latest stint as The Collector in the Marvel MCU. Now the actor may be making a shift to the downright villainous, and using the Star Wars franchise to begin his evil reign.

The Wrap is reporting that Del Toro has been offered a tasty role in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII. There’s no info on what role he’s playing exactly (why would there be? We know literally nothing about the film) but we do know that he’ll be a bad guy of some stripe. While that may immediately scream sith Lord, it’s still to early to tell whether that’s true, or whether sith Lords are what we should really be worried about in the latest trilogy.

This is the first cast announcement that we’ve heard about Episode VIII, and it’s come pretty early. VIII won’t start shooting until May 2017, so we’re getting a two year head start! This pretty much doubles the advanced warning we got for Episode VII, which was gushing cast choices at the back end of last year. Rian Johnson will direct and Ram Bergman and Kathy Kennedy will produce.

Del Toro will be an excellent fit for the Star Wars universe. His work in the MCU showed a flair for both science fiction and cosmic action. It’s not clear how big a role he’ll have, but odds are it will be a bigger role than The Collector.

Episode VII lands Christmas Day.

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