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‘Batman v Superman’ Teaser: Batman Gets Unmasked


DC turns up the heat with a new promo for its golden child Batman v Superman, depicting a very intense moment between the two heroes.

Hey Star Wars The Force Awakens! You think you’re pretty cool don’t you? After all your full length trailers you come out with a TV spot that has basically all new content. You think that makes you master of trailers? You’re only a master of butts! I like to think that cultural behemoths like DC say things like these all the time. Although whether they do or not doesn’t change the result. We now have a new teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, courtesy of Slashfilm. Also, it’s all new footage. Well that’s understating it; it’s basically a whole scene from the movie!

There’s wasn’t much need for pausing and eye-straining this time around. We get a long hard look at Ben Affleck‘s Batman, strung up alongside a few other unfortunate strangers. We’ve already scene the lead-up to this scene in a previous trailer, with the caped crusader storming a guarded complex in a fashionable trench coat. Unfortunately, Bats gets taken down by Superman-logo-sporting soldiers. And now, Superman makes an appearance to do the unthinkable – ripping off Batman’s mask.

The big question after the unmasking is this: who the hell are the other guys strung up? Are they working with Batman, or re they just bog standard prisoner? Either way, it’s very unlikely that they know Batman’s true identity – it’s a pretty well guarded secret. This just goes to show that neither of the heroes are playing around in this film.

What follows is a fair amount of scowling. At first it was intriguing, but the problem is neither actor is a natural scowler. Affleck looks downright ferocious, while Henry Cavill‘s Superman looks like he’s in physical pain from trying to look so angry.

I know it sounds ungrateful, because it’s rare we get a sustained sneak peak at a blockbuster this early. But like it or not, there’s a whiff of ham in the air around this spot. Hopefully it’s not too common an occurrence in the film.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres on March 26, 2016. Watch this space for all the latest Batman v Superman movie news.

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