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Batman v Superman 2nd trailer: Dawn of Spoilers


Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Doomsday all get a look-in with the official Batman v Superman 2nd trailer. But did we really need all of it?

Every promotion campaign gets to a point where it reaches a critical mass. Ant-Man was a victim of this, rolling out TV spot after TV spot after poster after TV spot up until it’s release date. Sure, the film did well, but we were seeing Ant-Man everywhere. Also, so much of the plot and key scenes were given away that there was barely any surprise left in the film by the time people went to see it. But it’s Ant-Man so, you know, it’s not the end of the world. Unfortunately, the hotly anticipated Batman v Superman could be going the same way. With the release of the Batman v Superman 2nd trailer, courtesy of Slashfilm, we’ve learned a lot more about the film. A whole lot more. Perhaps too much more.

A big chunk of the Batman v Superman 2nd trailer is taken up by the greatest face off of all time: Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Their weapons? Passive aggression. Throw in some shots of their alter-egoes making waves and tie it off with an impromptu introduction from Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). That’s probably where the trailer should have stopped. We could very easily have just had another minute-long teaser like the one we got earlier this week. But this trailer is THREE MINUTES LONG!

So how do they fill the time? Simple, they drop the biggest spoiler of all time. Doomsday is going to be in the film. How? Well, the popular theory is that Luthor tries to reanimate General Zod’s corpse. This activates a gene in Zod’s body that turns him into a stony, muscly mess. Did I say popular theory? I meant “definitely what happens” since they showed it in the trailer. Luthor is shown beckoning in Zod’s body, claiming to be “the real God”. Cue the Franken-style lightening machine and Hey presto! Doomsday.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman also makes a big appearance in this trailer. She doesn’t speak, but she manages to kick all kinds of ass. Batman and Superman then have a pretty stale back and forth about who Wonder Woman came with.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy this trailer. It’s beefy, it’s got a whole mess of new footage and it answers a lot of questions. The problem is that there’s still 3 months until the film comes out. Are they gonna stop showing trailers until then? Maybe, but not likely. So odds are we’ll be seeing more TV spots up until the film comes out in March. Hopefully when we do see Batman v Superman, it’ll still have a lot of secrets left.

Watch this space for all the latest Batman v Superman movie news.


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