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Alternate Alien Title Treatment is Giger-riffic!

The Alien title treatment that could have been was designed by Michael Doret and is a terrifying tribute to H.R Giger’s Alien designs. Read more after the jump.

What’s the most iconic movie title treatment? The big red font of Jaws? The S morphing into a T of Star Wars? The one-word-per-line of Dr Strangelove? Here’s a hint – none of these! It’s the original Alien title.

Alternate Alien Title Treatment is Giger-rific!

Ok maybe I’m  being a little harsh – the rest are pretty good too. But you have to admit the Alien title treatment is pretty damn good. Those 5 tiny white letters space out above a sinister looking egg. Each letter alone out in space, just like the crew of the Nostromo. Chills guys… literal chills. But this wasn’t always the plan., At one point there was a very different sort of title in mind. One that was a lot less subtle!

Slashfilm is reporting  on an alternate title treatment for Alien, originally reported by Births.Movies.Death.  You only have to look at it once to see the huge influence of mad-art-scientist H.R Giger on the artwork. Giger played a big part in designing the titular xenomorph and loads of other creepy elements of the Alien saga. Check out the title below:

Alternate Alien Title Treatment

You’re probably wondering where this treatment has been hiding all this time.

Well I’ll tell you. According to We Are The Mutants it was originally designed by Michael Doret, a New York-born illustrator and graphic designer. You may not know his name but he’s been around for a long old time. Doret started working in the 70’s. His work ranged from Time magazine covers to KISS album covers (“Rock and Roll Over“). But what about his title treatment work? His notable title work includes Zardoz (1974) and Wolfen (1981). They may not be the biggest movies of all time but their titles were heavily influential in future projects. But Doret’s work isn’t limited to the 20th century. He recently worked on the title treatment for Wreck-It Ralph.

Doret has this to say about his alternative Alien title treatment:

The title treatment I designed for Ridley Scott’s Alien never made it into the public arena. It had some small promotional uses before it was run over by the Bill Gold Advertising machine and relegated to the back burner. At any rate, this was great fun to have worked on—the more so since I was able to work on it with my friend (the now famous “pop-surrealist”) Todd Schorr. I designed and drew the forms based on the “bio-mechanical” forms I saw in some publicity stills from the production, and Todd painted the absolutely gorgeous finished art.

Doret’s Alien title treatment certainly tells a different story to the title they wound up using. It screams classic sci-fi. It’s bold, sinister and brutal. With the official title you’re not sure why you’re anxious about it. With Doret’s title you know exactly why you’re anxious. Because it’s creepy as hell! It’s hard to say whether that’s a good thing or not. Still, it’s definitely worth getting this design on a t-shirt or something.

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Power Rangers hires Bill Hader as Alpha 5

Aye-yi-yi! Comedy voice-legend Bill Hader is on board to play Alpha 5 in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. Read more after the jump.

The Power Rangers marketing machine is in fully swing. Things got off to a rocky start when Elizabeth Banks‘ Rita Repulsa was revealed. Fans of the original tv series weren’t too crazy about the reptilian new look. Fortunately the snazzy new posters featuring the rangers and their Zords made people forget about it. Slowly but surely the cast is revealed as well. Bryan Cranston was revealed along with Banks to be starring as holy-head-in-a-tube Zordon. The positive response to Zordon and the sheepish response to Bank’s Repulsa proves one thing. Power Rangers fans want things the way they were, but better! But still, you know, the way they were. Now they’re closer to getting it than ever. News just dropped that Alpha 5 will be making an appearance voiced by an actor who’s all too familiar with sci-fi franchises.

Screenrant is reporting that unstoppable funny-man Bill Hader will be stepping into the role of Alpha 5.

If you’re not familiar with the original show, or you’re a little foggy on the nineties, here’s a breakdown. Alpha 5 was a robot that assisted the Rangers on their zany adventures. He mainly assisted by hanging out with Zordon, waving his arms around and screaming “Aye-yi-yi”. He also panicked a lot, hence the aye-yi-yi-ing. Despite being pretty unhelpful he was a freaking hoot and a fond favourite of power rangers fans. The news that he’s even featuring in the film is a plus. Throw in a comedy heavyweight like Hader and things are looking way up for Power Rangers.

Hader has been showing up all over the place recently in voice roles. In 2015 he stole the show as BB-8 in Star Wars The Force Awakens, not to mention playing Fear in Inside Out. In 2016 alone he did voice work in 4 movies: Bloodbottler in The BFG, Stan in Finding Dory, Leonard in Angry Birds and a whole mess of characters in Sausage Party. Hader played a big part in making those films great despite them not all being smash hits (sorry BFG, not sorry Angry Birds). If he can nail Alpha 5 he could have another voice-acting home-run for 2017.

There’s definitely a strong smell of comedy coming from the Power Rangers camp. The latest set of Zord posters show they’re not taking themselves too seriously. Adding Hader to the mix is a clear sign that you want to up the funny. Hopefully the script will give him enough room to strut his stuff.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24th, 217. Watch this space for all the latest Power Rangers movie news.