“Anabelle” Director To Adapt “Tag” Graphic Novel


The Conjuring has been one of the most successful horror franchises of late. The straight out of the gate positive reactions along with some handsome word of mouth spawned a spin off Anabelle, based on the creepiest doll on earth (sorry Chuckie). Not only that, proper sequel The Enfield Haunting is being filmed as we speak. Need some more proof? John Leonetti, who was cinematographer on Conjuring and made the step up to director on Anabelle, has just gotten a new directing gig – and this time it’s a graphic novel adaptation.

According to Empire, Leonetti has been pegged to direct a big screen take on Tag, a three issue series created by Keith Giffen, Kody Chamberlain and Chee for Boom! Studios.

The gist of the story is that a boy discovers he’s been “tagged” by a stranger, and is now afflicted with a mysterious curse that causes his body to slowly decay. So what are his options? Well, he can find out who tagged him and so cover a way to lift the curse OR he can face the moral dilemma of passing his tag on to someone else.¬†Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski have been tasked with writing the script, and apparently they’ll be taking a step away from the source material by focusing on a female lead instead if a male. It’s not clear whether they’ll make any other significant changes, but the original story is versatile enough to work with some cinematic adjustments. It’s also not clear whether Tag will be a straight horror or less genre specific.

On the subject of horror films, Tag has some similar plot points to It Follows, a more recent successful horror flick that sees a girl tormented by a creature that follows her everywhere after a sexual encounter – which happens to be how you pass it on. Hopefully there are enough differences in the final product that not too many comparisons are drawn.

If you want to check out any more of Leonetti’s directorial resume, he recently worked on Wolves at the Door, and you can see him flex his cinematographer muscles once more on The Enfield Haunting.

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