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Our Top 5 Alternative Titles for Spider-Man Homecoming


Sure Homecoming is a good title for the new film, but let’s keep brainstorming. We delve into the world of Spider-Man comic book series and graphic novels to find our top alternatives to Homecoming. Read more after the jump.

We got news this week that Laura Harrier and Tony Revolori were joining the cast of Spider-Man Homecoming in unnamed roles. That’s exciting news, but come on, some people are still reeling from the title reveal! There was a lot of back and forth over the title for Marvel’s first solo Spider-Movie. Last week we got word that the official title was Spider-Man Homecoming. Given that the webhead would have the unique role in the MCU of having a solo movie after appearing in a team-up, the title seems about right.

It’s no easy job naming a new movie, and especially not if it’s a comic book movie. Make it a niche reference and the fans will love it but it won’t resonate with the masses. Make it too obvious or some random ominous noun and people will think it’s bland and uninspired. That got us thinking – if we got to choose the title, what would we pick? Well we trolled through the comics and graphic novels and we’ve come up with our shortlist for what we’d call Spider-Man Homecoming, and the comics that inspired them!

Web of Spider-Man
web of spider-man
Web of Spider-man

Like a few of our choices, Web of Spider-Man doesn’t have the hero’s name at the start, making it less of a heading/subheading deal. The title belongs to two monthly series of the comic book – one that ran from the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties and another that ran from 2009-10. A predecessor to the Sensational series, Web of Spider-Man had a lot of cool story arcs that could be lifted for the solo movie. Not only did it include Peter Parker’s battle with the black symbiote suit, it also gave the first hint of the web-slinger’s ultimate nemesis Venom. How is Venom introduced? Well, the symbiote suit nullifies Spider-Man’s spidey-sense and he gets hit by a train!

Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Friendly Neighborhood…

Fans will be familiar with this is as a title Spider-Man is well known for giving himself from time to time (“just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!”). What you may not know is that it’s also the name of a long comic series with a tonne of juicy plots to steal. Sandman, Vulture and Mysterio all appear at some point in the series. A big theme of one arc in Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man is Peter Parker trying to resolve whether his powers are science or magic. Given that the MCU has a lot of both this could be a reasonable question for a lot of the heroes.

The Superior Spider-Man
The Superior Spider-Man
The Superior…

This title isn’t as arrogant as it sounds! This series saw Dr Octopus (Otto Octavius) as a reformed ex-criminal determined to redeem himself. So determined is he, that he steals Peter Parker’s body and assumes the role of Spider-Man. His plan is to be a better hero than Peter and in the process escape from his villainous past. Not completely realistic, but come on, how awesome what it be to see two Spidermen fight on the big screen?

Spider-Man: With Great Power
Spider-Man: With Great Power
With Great Power

Given that Spider-Man is already established in the MCU thanks to Civil War, you’ve got two choices. Carry on from there without an origins story, or have a full self-contained origins story like Captain America had. If you go the second root, this is the perfect title. Not only does it cite the most famous Spidey tagline, its also the title of a limited series that dealt with his very first days dealing with his powers and his Uncle Ben’s murder.

Spider-Man: Fear Itself
Spider-Man: Fear Itself
Fear Itself

Spooky subheading, right? This title actually belongs to a big crossover in the Marvel Universe. The plot saw many of the Marvel heroes dealing with an Asgardian fear-mongering God called The Serpent. It’s plan was to seize the throne of Asgard and in the process wound up causing all kinds of panic on earth. The title itself would work well alone given that Peter Parker is a 15 year old kid in a world of gods and monsters. Granted it’s not likely that The Serpent would ever be used in an MCU movie, especially if it’s not a Thor movie. Still, we can dream.

So there you have it. What did we miss? Are there any Spidey graphic novels you wanted to see in the opening credits?

Spider-Man: Fear Itself (just kidding) will hit theatres July 7th 2017. Watch this space for all the latest Spider-Man Homecoming movie news.

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