‘Alien Covenant’ first look: Nowhere to run


A new photo reveals Katherine Waterston facing down an unseen terror in Alien Covenant. But is she squaring off against a xenomorph? Read more after the jump.

Alien Covenant first look at katherine waterston

Now that the latest X-Men trilogy is over and done with following the release of Apocalypse, let’s move on to a different prequel franchise. Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus sparked off an alleged trilogy that would bring us full circle to the the original Alien. It’s no secret that Prometheus did a good job of dividing critics and fans alike. Even so, the potential story-lines are exciting enough that we’re eager to see what happens with its follow-up, Alien Covenant. We don’t know a huge amount about Scott’s latest Alien flick so far but we’ve now got our first good look at what Covenant has to offer.

This shot was revealed on Facebook with the caption “Nowhere to run”, and quickly set social media on fire. The set photo is predictably mysterious. The main focus is Katherine Waterston who you can barely see sitting in the corner. While she’s doing her best impression of a xenomorph slinking in the dark, she’s has more similarities with another classic Alien character. Waterston’s character, named Daniels, is definitely going to draw comparisons with Sigourney Weaver‘s Ripley. Between the grubby string vest and the sheen of sweat, Waterston definitely has a “get away from her you bitch” quality. It also looks as though she’s packing a serious weapon. What could she possibly need that for? This is a decent indication that we’re going to see some more fire fighting than we got with Prometheus.

Something that really set Prometheus apart from the other Alien movies was how pristine the people, places and tech were – for the most part. From the looks of things Covenant won’t be following that design. The ship Daniels is on in the photo definitely looks more like the original Alien spaceship than the feng shui Prometheus craft. So are we going to see a return to the original Alien movies?
This photo will appease Ridley Scott fans for about fifteen minutes, so this won’t be the last we see of Alien Covenant material. Hopefully after a trailer and poster or two we’ll have a better idea of which direction Alien Covenant will go in. In any case, you’ve intrigued us Mr Scott.

Alien Covenant will land August 4th 2017. Watch this space for all the latest Alien Covenant movie news.

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