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Alice Drops in for Through the Looking Glass Teaser


The sequel to Tim Burton’s Wonder-ful reboot gets its first teaser. What’s in store for Alice this time around?

The latest Disney Expo was nearly three months back, and was choc full of delightful snippets of Disney projects yet to come. Among them was the first look at the live action Alice Through the Looking Glass. That’s all well and good for the lucky few who got to attend, but what about is regular folks? When do we get a piece of the action? The answer is right now – well the answer is actually yesterday if you want to be exact.

According to, the news is that Disney unveiled its upcoming sequel and gave us a glimpse at what we can expect from the nonsensical Wonderland. To be fair, it is a small glimpse, clocking in at just over 10 seconds. Within those ten odd seconds we get a look at Mia Wasikowska, who played a quaintly subdued Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Dressed in some questionable colourful garb, Alice winds up opening a door and hurtling through the sky. If this is Wonderland, which is a safe assumption, it doesn’t appear to be a welcome return.

If you’re hoping for an honest portrayal of the literature, you’ve come to the wrong franchise. Tim Burton took a considerable number of liberties with the Alice in Wonderland subject matter. Through the Looking Glass looks to go down a similar path, taking the story in a completely different direction via the expressive medium of time travel. The word is that in order to clear up some trouble Johnny Depp‘s Mad Hatter is in, Alice has to fiddle with the continuum a bit. As well as getting a look at Rhys Ifans as Depp’s dad, we’ll also see some younger versions of characters seen in the original film.

The main mystery solved by this teaser is that the style of the franchise hasn’t changed. Burton isn’t coming back as director but he’s hanging on as a producer with Muppets  director James Bobin taking over. However, it looks as though Burton’s fingerprints are still all over the cinematography and costumes, with its striking candy colour pallet.

Alice Through the Looking Glass comes from a script by Lion King writer Linda Woolverton and stars Helena Bonham Carter, Anne HathawayTimothy Spall, Stephen Fry, Michael Sheen, Alan Rickman and Sacha Baron Cohen. Expect it in May 2016.

Watch this space for all the latest Through the Looking Glass movie news.

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