7 WTF Moments From the “Batman v Superman” Trailer


Yesterday the curtain was pulled all the way back at San Diego Comic Con with the grand unveiling of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice feature length trailer. Last night, the number of views on a particular version of this trailer on an unnamed video site was 341. This morning it was up to over 7 million. No one is surprised by this. If you haven’t seen the trailer, for the love of Pete watch it now before some movie site ruins it by breaking down the best bits and speculate about them. As for the rest of you, let’s break down the best bits and speculate about them shall we?

1. Lex Luthor has hair. 
Undoubtedly the most cataclysmic reveal of the trailer was Lex Luthor, played simultaneously by Jesse Eisenberg and Courtney Love’s scalp. Most of us were expecting short hair or baldness given the characters most recent incarnations and a Now You See Me sequel shot with Eisenberg sporting a shaved dome. Instead,  Luthor has more of a swinging seventies look, harking back to Gene Hackman‘s portrayal in the origin Superman saga. But don’t be fooled: while from the back he may look like a Jacobean lute player, Luthor’s no pushover as we shall see later.

2. Zod is on ice. 
A problem I couldn’t get my nut around at the end of Man of Steel was what happened to Zod’s body? Unless Superman, in his soul shattering grief at having killed someone, made a brief stop at home with the carcass before filling in the online application to work at the Daily Planet, it seemed likely that the government got hold of it. Of course the body was never gonna stay buried, especially considering they didn’t bother to bury it. In the trailer we see the body moved to some kind of lab, possible by Luthor. And what could be the purpose of this. How about…

3. Kryptonite!
We learned a week or two ago that kryptonite was going to be playing a role in Dawn of Justice. But who would be using it? The obvious suspects are Batman or Lex Luthor, since both have firmly thrown their hat into the anti-Superman ring. But how did they get it? Could this be the purpose of Zod’s body? Can his remains somehow be used to locate or extract the deadly green? Maybe, but it looks as though Luthor gets his hands on it. Not only is he ogling a huge nugget of it through a glass pane like it’s his husband whom he’s visiting in prison, but also has some power over Supes in one scene, running his hand around the kryptonian’s head while he kneels in some kind of forced submission. Believe me he does not look happy about it.

4. Wayne’s two dads reveal themselves. 
One of my favourite casting choices for Dawn of Justice is Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s dry witted butler. It was clear from the teaser that Alfred would be taking on a more cynical, world-weary Alfred in a similar vein to The Dark Knight Returns. If anyone can pull that off, it’s Hans Gruber’s brother.
As well as Alfred we finally got a look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne. There were rumours floating around about the actor’s role as the crusader’s departed dad, and this was all but confirmed by a historical scene of young Bruce seeing his parents shot by a mugger. This is most likely all we’ll get to see of Bruce’s origins, but as origins go it is undoubtedly the most iconic and it would have been a shame to leave it out.

5.Wonder Woman can do explosions… 
You heard it here. Wonder Woman can do explosions. Or at least that’s how it looks in the trailer. Gal Gadot gets one or two snippets, one with sword and shield in hand against an unknown assailant, the other making solid use of her famous gauntlets to create what looks to be an explosion of golden energy. Whether this is all her own doing or the result of contact with something equally as powerful as Wonder Woman, we can’t say for sure. But rest assured, it will be badass. We haven’t gotten a solid scope of WW’s power level or what stake she has in the fight, but I get the impression that both will be equally mind boggling in the best way.
Hey, speaking of mind boggling…

6.Is Batman storming a Superman compound?
There is a particular scene in the trailer that at first I was so sure was some kind of dream sequence but upon inspection may be some mad part of the plot. The scene in questions sees Batman in trench coat and goggles storming what looks to be some kind of compound filled with soldiers. All the soldiers have a Superman “S” on their arm, so the question is are they guarding Superman, in league with Superman or some kind of Cape-killing squad? Whatever they are, they seem to have Batman beat. This wouldn’t seem to be Batman’s usual MO for sneaking into a place, so this is presumably some kind of show of force. But why the trench coat and goggles? A disguise perhaps? If so, maybe a hat to cover his pointy ears could have been a worthy investment.

7. Robin’s dead?
While Zack Snyder has made it clear that Dawn of Justice isn’t going to be The Dark Knight Returns, most likely taking bits and pieces a la Christopher Nolan. One such bit and or piece appears to be the untimely demise of one of the many younglings to take up the mantle of Robin. How do we know this? Affleck is shown next to an empty costume, strikingly similar to his but brandishing a staff and an “R” on the costume’s breast. Not to mention Joker-esque graffiti spelling “Haha jokes on you Batman” across the front of it. There were several allusions in Dark Knight Returns to Robin’s fate inspiring Bruce Wayne to hang up the cape and cowl. Whether this has translated into Dawn of Justice or not, it’s clear that some bad stuff went down. Don’t expect to see a Robin or Joker cameo this time around, but keep that nugget of back story in your pocket for when this cinematic universe blows wide open.

I’m sure we could watch the trailer all over again and find 7 other moments to talk about, but I think we’ve torn it apart enough for one day.

Keep an eye out for Dawn of Justice news here, and check out our Best of Comic Con roundup at the end of the convention.

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