Chris Hemsworth Will Be a Receptionist in Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters”

Chris Hemsworth has been showing off a lot of his comedy chops recently. Along with a surplus of at times uncomfortable goofing and punnery in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the action star welded an impressive comedic weapon during his stint as host on Saturday Night Live. And let’s hot forget his upcoming role in the new Vacation reboot as a very well-endowed sex-God husband. Well that’s not where it stops, because Screen Rant is reporting that old Hemmy will be joining the cast of Paul Feig‘s new Ghostbusters instalment.

The star of Thor and Thor 2: The Hammering (working title) is set to play the receptionist to the latest set of recruits. You may remember that this role was originally played by Annie Potts in the 1984 original. Potts’ nasal, bespectacled administrator shared some choice romantic moments with Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis, so can we expect to see Hemsworth falling for one of the new Ghostbusters?

He’ll be in familiar company I’m any case, reuniting with SNL cast members Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon who star as the new recruits along with Feig favourites Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.

This won’t be Hemsworth’s first comedy horror rodeo. You might remember his stint in Joss Whedon‘s The Cabin in the Woods. Will we be seeing Hemsworth slinging on a proton pack with the girls when the ectoplasm hits the fan? Maybe, but it might be Fu nicer seeing him firmly stapled to his desk.

Ghostbusters will be in theatres July 22nd.


New Images from Disney’s “Zootropolis”

Let’s not beat around the bush – Disney is going to be hard pressed to top Big Hero 6. I realise that’s a very temperamental, caught-up-in-the-moment opinion that abandons all scope of modern Hollywood, but it’s gonna be tricky. It would be easy to buffer Big Hero 6 and their next film of equal quality with a steaming pile of animation, but it looks like they’re going all out with their next project Zootropolis. Formerly Zootopia, the project is the first example of a fully anthropomorphised animated film – all walking talking animals, not a human in sight – in which the animals are living it up in a developed world. After some bits and pieces of artwork, Empire News reports we’ve now got a solid look at the two main characters. Check them out below:


So the chap on the left is Nick Wilde, a crafty con artist fox voiced by Jason Bateman. Next to him is Judy, a plucky ambitious do-gooding rabbit voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin. It’s not tricky to see how these two characters are going to get tousled up in one another’s business, but it’ll be interesting to see the eventual team up.

On Nick Wilde, Bateman said “He’s a crafty, sarcastic schemer, and that I’ve been doing in parts since I was 12,” Bateman tells the paper about his character. “I foolishly said, ‘What kind of voice do you guys want me to do?’ And they just looked at me like I was an idiot and said, ‘Just do what you do. Just talk.’”

Goodwin is quick to defend her own character’s naivite: “People have said that to her all her life. She’s a little sensitive about that. She gets hoppity emotionally,” Goodwin says. “People mistake kindness for naiveté or stupidity, and she is a good girl through and through. But she’s not a dumb bunny.”

Zootropolis is co-directed by Tangled helmer Byron Howard and Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore, and will be out in theatres March next year. Looking forward to see what other characters rear their adorable heads.

“Akira” Adaptation Revived by “Daredevil” Showrunner

Here’s a good life lesson: if you’re ever wondering if you’re respected in your field or if you’re going to make a solid middle finger shaped dent in your industry of choice, just check to see if you’ve been given the job of showrunner for the second season of Daredevil. Good  ahead, check, I’ll wait here. Ok, well if you’re the one guy who has been given that job, you’re doing pretty damn well for yourself. That man is Marco Ramirez, and I’m sure it’s not lost on him how big a deal it is to be handed a show that has garnered a gargantuan level of audience and critical acclaim. If anything it looks as though Ramirez is a pretty ambitious fella, because Screen Rant is reporting that the showrunner is taking on another hot property with as much promise as audience demand and as much audience demand as potential bottomless pitfalls.

Apparently, Ramirez is to write the script for a live action adaptation of the hugely successful and influential manga Akira. You’re gonna know the name Akira for one of two reasons: one, you’re a true blue fan of the cyber punk dystopian story of motorcycle gangs, heroic teens, government testing and psionic badassery. The other reason is you’ve been following the mainly downhill teacup ride of writers and directors taking on the project and then leaving it on a shelf somewhere to be played with by someone else. Warner Bros started the trend and from there the hopes for the project have consistently dwindled, with controversies that the Tokyo based story was being grossly westernised, moving to America with white actors.

We should be more sceptical than we are right now, but there’s something about the Daredevil job and his work on Sons of Anarchy – which definitely has some dystopian groundwork – that gives of bright strobe lights of hope that are maybe blinding us to how tricky an Akira adaptation will be to reinvigorate. But there’s just too much audience demand, and Ramirez is certainly aware of this and hopefully realises that keeping an Akira adaptation authentic will be more successful than a westernised monster that doesn’t appeal to anyone. So good luck Mr Ramirez, and smooth sailing to you.

Check Out Ed Helms Singing Kiss from a Rose in New “Vacation” Trailer

I’d be lying if I said that the notion of a new Vacation movie filled me with giddy firework dreams when I first heard about it. Then the red band trailer came along and I was a little less dubious about Ed Helms taking on the role of Rusty Griswold, doomed to repeat his father Clark’s (Chevy Chase)  holiday-making blunders. Now Empire is reporting that we have a suitable for all trailer to enjoy, and it looks to expand on the misadventures of the Griswolds’ attempt to drive cross country in a bizarre looking automobile to visit Walley World. We’ve got the trailer below, so by all means take a solid gander:

OK this would be something I could get on board with. The new trailer definitely tries to establish this latest Vacation as a movie in its own right, taking only a few tasty callbacks along for the ride. We also get a look at some of the other high profile comedic players lending their talents to this picture, including Charlie Day, Nick Kroll, Regina Hall, Caitlin Olson and Keegan Michael Key. Also, Chris Hemsworth‘s in it, although by now I’m sure he must be tired of playing the handsomest man alive and cashing in on his frankly unnerving sex appeal… Maybe I didn’t need to write all that.

Anyway, there’s definitely potential in this road movie and hopefully it will live up to Rusty Griswold’s high expectations.

Vacation will hit theatres August 21st.


It’s Official: James Wan Will Direct “Aquaman”

Now that James Wan has finished up melting critics’ brain stems with the unstoppable success of Fast and Furious 7, he’ll be back to treading some old familiar ground with his return to also incredibly successful Conjuring franchise with Conjuring 2: Enfield Poltergeist. But that’s not the only thing we know is on Wan’s horizon. There were rumours, you might say insinuations, that Wan would taking hold of the trident for DC’s Aquaman and adding his own stamp to the ever expanding (hasn’t quite expanded yet) DC universe. Ridiculous right? Wrong, read the headline idiot! Empire is reporting that Wan has officially made a deal to direct the project and bring DC’s dampest hero to life.

We already know that Aquaman will be played by Jason Mamoa and will make his first appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With the casting of Mamoa there was definitely a good chance that Aquaman would be very different to the orange-suited fish-dude everyone loves to make fun of. For one with the actor’s background we could definitely expect a more action packed depiction of the Lord of Atlantic and his regal straddling of the land lubbers and the sea folk. Now with Wan in board, it looks like they could be right. That’s not to say that Wan is a two dimensional director, but he’s got strengths that could definitely make Aquaman into something special.

Aquaman won’t be hitting cinemas until 2018, but the Atlantean will be making appearances in the Justice League movies as well. So if we’re not careful the DC universe will be… Wait for it… Saturated with Aquaman………..Thank you.

Ferrell and Wiig Lifetime Movie “A Deadly Adoption” is A-Go

Well this is certainly a turn-up for the books. You may have heard bits and pieces about a top secret project that was being undertaken by Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig in the form of a Lifetime movie, and how it had been pulled by Lifetime when information about the TV movie leaked to the press. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that was 50% bogus. Oh don’t worry, there was a Lifetime movie in the works, but it is in fact going ahead. That was the top secret secret!

For those of you outside of the US who aren’t familiar with Lifetime, it’s an American channel that specialises in TV movies depicting strangely dramatic biographies or original dramas, usually starring out of work TV actors. Well what did you think Melissa John Hart was doing until they reboot Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Anyway, turns out Ferrell is an enormous fan of Lifetime movies and has made one of his own with Adam McKay and Gary Sanchez Productions, called A Deadly Adoption. It looks to be a spoof of all the classic TV drama tropes, with Ferrell and Wiig starring as a couple who take care of a young pregnant woman with the hopes of adopting her baby. Things don’t go to plan. The young woman will be played by Jessica Lowndes of 90210 fame (sorry Melissa).

The script is written by Andrew Steele, who worked with Ferrell and Wiig on the IFC miniseries The Spoils of Babylon.

It should be a fun, tongue in cheek sort of a project, steering clear of any blunt, obvious or cruel gags at the expense of Lifetime, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year; and it’ll certainly be a treat to see Ferrell and Wiig on the small screen together again.
A Deadly Adoption will air on June 20th. You heard it here, in spite of this not really being movie news.

Dwayne Johnson in Talks to Cause “Big Trouble in Little China”

You could make pun after pun about The Rock‘s cinematic success over the past few years – how he’s broken out, rolled into Hollywood, built momentum and gathered a surprisingly small amount of moss. I’m not going to do those puns because it’s too easy and too weak: also it’s common knowledge that if you call Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” he’ll come to your house and make a hefty, protein rich sandwich out of your face.

In the works right now he’s got his upcoming HBO series Ballers, he’s cleaning up after the successful premiere of San Andreas, and let’s not forget his casting as Black Adam for DC and Warner Bros. Now we’re getting wind of a potential passion project for the action prodigy in the form of an 80’s cult classic.

Slashfilm is reporting that Johnson is in talks to star in a remake of the John Carpenter‘s quote-classic-end quote Big Trouble in Little China. For those of you not familiar with the film, it’s a comedy action film that does a hilarious tightrope walk between mystical martial arts and vest-wearing-American-action-hero-dudery. It’s a hard film to out your finger on, but once you realise what and what not to take seriously you’re fine.

Johnson himself is apparently a huge fan of the film, which is why he pitched the idea of a remake to 20th Century Fox with production partners Danny Garcia and Hiram Garcia. Now they just need to determine if Johnson will definitely assume the role of Jack Burton, originally played by Kurt Russell. On paper it seems like an ideal casting. After all, Johnson is clearly a fan of the film, and he has more than enough experience with blending comedy and action seamlessly into a fine paste. And it’s not the first time that Johnson has played the macho headed fool, which Big Trouble‘s Jack Burton invariably is, despite believing himself to be the hero.

There are going to be some tricky calls when it comes to this remake. For starters part of the original’s charm is the goofy special effects combined with some pretty funky martial arts, paying lip service to the great Kung Fu flicks that preceded it. How will they fare with that balance this time around? Will they go all out with the cgi and the fighting choreography, creating some kind of 47 Ronin / John Wick hybrid? Yes, I realise they’re both Keanu Reeves films. No, Keanu Reeves has not been cast in this remake.

Alternatively they could stay on the comedic side, making more room for physical gags and callbacks to the original. Both sounds pretty dubious, so hopefully with Johnson on board they can find a good blend.

Who else would you like to see in a Big Trouble remake?

Paul Feig Reveals Why He Chose an All-Female “Ghostbusters” Reboot

Things have been a teensy bit quiet in the Ghostbusters camp recently. Obviously that’s to be expected since the sizzle of the news that an all female Ghostbusters reboot in the works can really only be followed up by the steak of trailers, stills, and of course the actual film – and that’s all a long way down the road. Paul Feig, who is taking the helm on the latest bustin’ instalment, has just finished work on the promotion trail for Spy, so he won’t be getting back in the chair for a while yet.

However, Slashfilm is reporting that while Feig was speaking to the press and whatever you call online publications – the keys I guess? – he took a moment to talk about why this particular incarnation appealed to him as opposed to a good old fashioned sequel to the original franchise. Here’s what he said:

“I had been contacted several times about doing a sequel for Ghostbusters and I just kept turning it down because I didn’t know how to do it. The scripts had been written, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I wasn’t excited about it.

So finally, one day I was like, it’s a great franchise and it’s a great idea, if I was going to do it, how would I do it? And then I thought, if I could put four women in the lead roles, that’s exciting to me. That I know how to do, and I know how to make that funny. And there’s so many funny women I’ve been dying to work with. Obviously Melissa and Kristen are in it, but then Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, who are so funny. It just seemed like the way to do it.

Then I thought, I’d rather do it as a reboot so I’m not tied to the old movies. The old movies are so good, I didn’t want to mess with them. And I also want to see the beginnings of this group. I want to see people seeing ghosts for the first time, and how they’re going to fight them for the first time, how they develop their technology. So it just got very exciting to me. I just like working with funny women, and that’s all I really like to do with my career.”

So it looks as though the main reason the new Ghostbusters is female driven is because Feig likes working with funny women. This might seem fleeting, cavalier even, but really it’s the best explanation for everyone: there’s been a lot of aggressive significance tied to the use of a female cast in this reboot, leading to the choice of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones garnering a lot more attention than the news of the film itself. Now it looks as though it’s all unfounded – Feig just likes the actresses and the knew he could write them a Ghostbusters film.

More importantly, the fact that this incarnation of the Ghostbusters took the prize with so many others falling at Feig’s feet can only be a good thing: either it’s the best choice script and story-wise, or it’s the best choice for Feig to direct the ectoplasm out of it.

Scheduled release for the Ghostbusters reboot as it stands is July 22nd, 2016.


Colin Trevorrow on Jurassic World Sequel: “I Would be Involved…But Not as Director”

Since Jurassic World made it’s hype-premiere, it’s stunned hype-audience, sold millions of hype-tickets and made billions of hype-dollars, already topping the first Avengers‘ hype-gross. Ok I’ll stop now.

Jurassic World will be opening soon, and it’s already a foregone conclusion that the film will do well and finally offer the answer to the question asked by the first Jurassic Park all those years ago. So it’s about this time that director extraordinare Colin Trevorrow gets plagued with questions about sequels and whether he’ll be directing them and when we can expect the plot-revealing Lego range for Jurassic Nation, due out in 2019 (not real).

Well according to Empire (real), the director isn’t quite so interested in rolling up his sleeves and sticking them in triceratops dung again. Here’s what Trevorrow had to say about sequels to the franchise when talking to Bad

Jurassic Park is like Star Wars. Different directors can give a different taste to each movie…I would be involved in some way, but not as director.”

So while we may not see Trevorrow’s name at the top of the next Jurassic Park film, he may very well be staying on in some kind of production role to keep the transition smooth. This is a mature approach that is being taken on a lot more now than in the Old West days of blockbuster sequels.

Without being too grandiose about it, it’s also very honourable to forego your next guaranteed director payslip to bring in someone new and keep the franchise fresh. There, I’m done kissing Trevorrow’s ass now. Go see Jurassic World next week! Ok I’m really done now.