Bryan Singer Set to Adapt “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”

It looks as though Bryan Singer will be stepping out of the X-Men universe to take on a new science fiction project. Don’t worry – he’s still working on Apocalypse and has made no suggestion that he’s leaving the franchise. The director is just attached to the adaptation of scifi novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, written by Robert A. Heinlein.

The novel follows a lunar colony that decides it doesn’t want to be under the thumb of earth leaders anymore, and decides it wants to see other people. Does it work it well for them immediately? Of course not, it’s a book you weirdo. There’s all sort of ramifications and chaos as a result, which makes for a stunning novel. This is why the book was nominated for a Nebula award and took home the Hugo Award way back in 1967.

Heinlein’s work is no stranger to movie adaptations. Other novels like The Puppet Masters and Starship Troopers have been banged out on the big screen to moderate cult acclaim – or huge cult acclaim, depending on which cult you’re talking to.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress in particular has been subject to numerous adaptation attempts over the years, bouncing between Dreamworks and Phoenix Pictures, which a whole bunch of screenwriters in between. The latest script has been concocted by Marc Guggenheim, who’s recently worked on Arrow and The Flash.

There’s no cast list as yet and no suggestions of how faithful the script will be to the book, but with such a strong comic book team behind it there should be a solid blend of scifi, action and drama. And costumes, moon costumes everywhere!

Golblum, Hemsworth and Usher are Welcomed to “Independence Day” Sequel

I guarantee that 75% of people who have watched Independence Day in the last couple of months have done to refresh themselves with the characters and figure who will be coming back for the 20 years late sequel. The problem is that, despite everyone being connected in that Love Actually /He’s Just Not That Into You way (I’m not a fan of current references), none of the characters are absolutely integral to a sequel. Bill Pullman wouldn’t be president anymore, Will Smith would certainly have retired from the air force/astronaut school, and Randy Quaid…well, the less said the better.

Fortunately some of the guess work has been taken out of the process with some official casting news. Deadline reports that actor Jesse Usher will be joining Independence Day 2. The star of Survivor’s Remorse will be stepping into the role of Dylan Dunmow, who you’ll remember as Will Smith‘s stepson. So anyone who had a theory that there wouldn’t be a real time gap between the films can out that hypothesis to bed. Usher’s role was originally tipped to be for Fantastic Four reboot star Michael B Jordan.

Joining Usher will be two exciting names that have been circling the sequel for a while now and have since gotten confirmation. Those names are Liam Hemsworth and… Pause for effect… Jeff Golblum! That’s right, that star of the first Independence Day and every movie I’ve ever made up in my head will be returning to welcome some aliens to earth. And Liam Hemsworth,  I guess.

There’s no confirmation as yet that the sequel script is faithful to the script that was written a few years ago about a delayed second wave of alien invaders reinforcing the original aliens. If that’s still the case, it’ll be dynamite to see a older, surlier, reclusive Golblum being dragged back into the fray to fend off the nest generation of dudes from another planet.

The current script is from Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods, following on from Carter Blanchard‘s rewrite of Roland Emmerich,  Dean Devlin and James Vanderbilt‘s early drafts – so hopefully the conveyor belt of writers will have produced something punchy and packed with action. Seriously guys, don’t go too gritty and real, your premise is nowhere near believable enough. Hopefully Golblum will be bringing the light-hearted thunder this time around.
More news to come – with any luck.

Drew Goddard in Talks to Direct New “Spiderman”

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but my new years resolution for 2015 was to eat more lentils and start caring about Spiderman again. Sure, I’ve been hurt over the last couple of years, but darn it I’m ready to love again. Then of course Marvel took some solid interest and responsibility for the hero’s cinematic  future and suddenly my resolution got a whole lot easier. Still can’t eat lentils though. Have you tried them? They’re like tiny sand explosions.

Anyway, now that Spiderman is once again a hot property with all this unbridled potential, we need a new team to make the magic happen. Fortunately we might be very close to securing a new director for the gig. Empire reports that Marvel movie maker in residence Drew Goddard has expressed seniors interest in helming Spideys return to Marvel and is currently in talks with Sony higher up and Kevin Fiege.

Goddard has recently spent most of his Marvel man hours putting together the Sinister Six movie. This wouldn’t have been an easy task with Amazing Spiderman shooting poorly constructed crossbow bolts into his ass, not to mention the considerable hype Dc is getting for its own villainous analog Suicide Squad. Now that Spiderman is in play, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Sinister Six takes a back seat for the time being so that Goddard can potentially focus on the hero – whether or not this will affect the overall schedule of release or have a knock on effect is anyone’s guess.

Goddard also has some experience working with uber nerd Joss Whedon on his subversive horror Cabin in the Woods. Let’s hope that Whedon passed on some sagely wisdom to young Goddard, because there’s no lack of pressure on him if he gets the job. Reimagining a superhero for the big screen is a cake walk compared to resurrecting one that’s already on screen. Just ask Josh Trank. No confirmation on Goddard as yet, but when we know, you’ll know.

The Unusual Suspects: Dino-Artwork from “Jurassic World”

Hey, you’re a bunch of cool guys and girls. Why else would you be here? I bet you like dinosaurs. I bet you like pictures of stuff too. Well I’ve got something that’s gonna blow your dinosaur-and-picture-lovin’ socks off. It’s pictures of dinosaurs!

Screenrant has just reported on a whole stack of new artwork from the upcoming Jurassic World. After a whole lot of speculation about the kind of dinos we’ll be seeing in the latest take on the prehistoric park – especially on the measurements of the big daddy Indominus Rex – we finally have some clear cut no nonsense artwork that isn’t out of focus or half hidden behind a bush. It’s also a treat to get some insight into a movie that isn’t made out of Lego. So let’s take a look at what stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will be taking on!

dino1 dino2 dino3 dino4 dino5 dino6 dino7

Well this is certainly rag tag crew of reptiles. It looks as though there’s been a lot of hybrid cooking and DNA messing with this latest generation of park attractions, which has resulted in some seriously stunning designs. I can’t wait to see what they all look like on the big screen. Better yet, imagine what they’d look like as Lego!

C’mon Grab Your Friends! “Adventure Time” is Getting a Movie

Since this is our first week in 83 years without Leonard Nimoy, I thought I’d start with something light and whimsical, at least as best I can.

It’s no secret that any cartoon tv show that has become something of an unstoppable monolith will be optimistically pulled onto the big screen. Simpsons did it, Pokemon did it, and dozens of others have done it…although to be fair not with half as much success as The Simpsons or Pokemon. I’m not even sure Pokemon was that successful. Anyway that’s enough about Pokemon, because now Empire reports that the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time is being made into a movie!

Maybe forget that stuff I just said, otherwise it’ll be hard for you to get excited about this.

Since it’s inception in 2010, Adventure Time has gone from relatively unknown to cult to cult mainstream to mainstream to being on most pencil cases in junior schools. Now creator Pendleton Ward is going to see if he can craft episodes that would normally max out at ten minutes into a feature length film.

The show revolves around best friends Jake, a fresh faced balaclava-wearing adventurer, and his rubber bodied yellow dog companion Jake. The two spend their days defending the Land of Oo, a post-apocalyptic wonderland, from countless foes and any trace of reality. To say that that the show is surreal is would be like saying fish are bespectacled night dreams of talking bridges – which is to say, an understatement. The no-holds-barred zany optimism of the show plays into a sense of innocence and escapism that has made the show a hit. The question is, could a film pull off the same magic?

Well, they certainly have the right people working on it. Ward has teamed up with Lego Movie editor/animation director Chris McKay and producer Roy Lee, who will be consulting on the film and giving notes from the sidelines (they’re currently very busy working ion eight different Lego projects…one is actually just trying to build a Lego Death Star). There’s no word on if any of the original voice actors will be joining Ward on the project, but the odds are very good since the adorably quotable vocal cues are an integral puzzle piece.

As for plot, who could possibly say? When you’re working from a universe that has as many ridiculously themed princesses as it does screaming people made of lemons, the sky’s the friggin’ baseline.We’ll have more on this project as the news comes in.