Dwayne Johnson in talks to star in Disney’s “Moana”


(Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, on the set of Furious 7)

Johnson: Hey Vin,I heard you did some voice-over work over at                                Marvel?
Diesel: That’s right Dwayne, I was Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Johnson: Man, how can you do that kind of crap?
Diesel: Weren’t you in Planet 51?
Johnson: Shhh! All I know is animated roles are lame-sauce.
Diesel: What do you mean Dwayne?
Johnson: All you do is talk into a microphone all day! You don’t do                            big leaps or spin kicks or flex your muscles while you’re                              strangling some dude. How is anyone supposed to know                            you’re a badass?
Diesel: You got it all wrong Dwayne, voice-over acting is the                                    toughest, most physically demanding work there is.
Johnson: How’s that?
Diesel: Because you’ve got to express your bicep-toting bad-assery                    with nothing but your vocal muscles. It’s both greatest acting                  challenge and the ultimate workout.
Johnson: I don’t know, Vin, I’m not sure.
Diesel: Did I mention it pays stupid money now?
Johnson: Say what?

Hey, guess what? Dwayne Johnson’s signed on to do an animated film!

A sound-proof studio: the only place where Dwayne Johnson allows himself to laugh.
A sound-proof studio: the only place where Dwayne Johnson allows himself to laugh.

Don’t let that little bit of dialogue fool you, I’m super-psyched about this. Samoan muscle-man Johnson is currently in talks to play the voice of demi-god Maui in the upcoming animated Disney feature MoanaThe film will follow the sea-faring Moana Waialiki, the only daughter of a chief who comes from a long line of navigators. Johnson’s character will help the titular heroine in her nautical adventures. Considering the folklore they’re looking to play around with in this film, it looks to be a sea-monster-stuffed romp. It will be exciting to see Johnson remake his animated self after Planet 51, especially with the extra live-action experience he’s got under his belt now.

What say you? Excited to see (or hear) Dwayne Johnson in Moana?

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